Member Spotlight: Halley Casey

1. What is your favorite part of working at Clark Hill? How long have you been there?

I love my co-workers – they can always brighten my day. I have been with Clark Hill for 5 years in April, but really 6 years counting the year I worked in the RICOH center within the firm.              

2. What does your company do that knocks the socks off your clients?                           

Our clients look forward in anticipation to our annual client event at Heinz Hall, which is a beautiful venue. We cater the party with fabulous food and a signature drink.                           

3. What is the funniest and/or strangest thing that has happened in a work environment?

Currently, some of my colleagues are addicted to playing table tennis in an empty case room. They are so into it that they schedule matches and even with the door closed you can still hear the excitement coming from the room. I think it is a great way to blow off steam!

4. What is the path that lead you to your current position?

 Upon moving to Pittsburgh from Ohio after college in 2010, I landed a job with IKON (now RICOH) within my current firm in which I was tasked with many duties including working as the librarian’s assistant for half of the day, opening the reception desk, backfill for hostess and all of the regular copy center duties. After a year with RICOH, the marketing admin position opened up, I applied and was hired. I kept that position where I also was asked to take on recruiting responsibilities until Thorp Reed & Armstrong merged with Clark Hill in 2013. Upon the merger, a new department “Business Development”, separate from Marketing formed in which I was the admin for and have been promoted to coordinator since. Going from branding, events and sponsorships to focusing on external and internal sales was a nice change of pace. Since beginning with the firm, my role has been ever-changing and I am thankful to have the experience and internal knowledge my journey at Clark Hill has provided me.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

 Of the places I have been it’s a toss-up between Savannah, GA or San Francisco, CA. But if I’m dreaming, either Australia or France.

6. What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Most would be very surprised to know that I have seen every episode (264 in total) of Murder, She Wrote. The series ran from 1984 to 1996 so you get to see the change in clothing style and d├ęcor over time, plus the cameos are amazing!

7. What is your favorite book?

I read so much at work that personally I enjoy reading books that are an escape from reality and create a new one. Gregory Maguire’s Wicked and subsequent novels can take you there.

 8. Which celebrity do you wish you worked with?

 I think that Alton Brown would be amazing to work with and he would have so much knowledge to share. I am going to see him at the Benedum Center in April (“Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science”).

 9. If you could have any job/career, what would it be?

 An executive chef at a top restaurant in any of the cities or countries I mentioned that I would love to live in.

10. If you're having the worst day, what should we send you to perk your spirits?

            French fries – ANYTIME!

11. What are three interesting tidbits about yourself?

1. I hope to visit all of the national parks in my lifetime – I’ve been to 4 so far.

2. I love making art and converted my attic into a craft room.

3. I enjoy cooking and hosting friends and family.
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