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Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back in order to move forward.  While 2017 should be another year full of excellent educational programming and lively social events for PSMA, it will also be a year of reorganizing our principal documents.

The reworking started in late December 2016 as I was transitioning into the President’s role following Guinevere Anderson.  I realized that I was taking the helm of an organization whose bylaws I had never bothered to read.  It became apparent while I was absorbing the 11 pages of articles that 2017 might be a good year for an update.  We remain committed to our mission of promoting the professional and educational advancement of persons interested in marketing professional services, but it is clear that our original documents are out of step with the way we are currently operating.

During a January meeting, the Board of Directors got to work on a rewrite.  Once the Bylaws reflect our current situation, we will make the revised version available on our website for all to review.

The Board is also on a mission to archive the combined knowledge of our four committees – Programming, Sponsorship, Communications and Membership.  Our goal for 2017 is to gather committee operating notes, procedures and databases into a central location - providing a resource for future Board and committee members.

New members are important to any organization – bringing added energy and perspective.  In late 2016 and early 2017, PSMA welcomed 10 new members from a variety of industries - accounting, law, wealth management, insurance, commercial real estate and more. I had the opportunity to meet with most of them over coffee and was wowed by their collective enthusiasm.

I’m looking forward to an exciting 2017 – moving forward and glancing backward at the same time – and to collaborating with all of the dynamic members of PSMA of Western PA.

Beth Bershok

President, PSMA

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